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Click here to see photos and read about the 300+ baby turtles released to the sea at the 103rd Dark of the Moon Tournament.

Snapshots of our fishing trips in Baja

Catch a Big Fish and Win a Free Trip

Break an existing record and win a free trip next year!

Sunrise and fishing boats

Catch a Big Fish, win a Free Trip!

Your catch must be witnessed or weighed in the presence of a Fish With Me staff member.

Free trip on any Fish With Me event the following year, to include all costs excluding air transportation, boat tips, and bait.

Current Records

Species Pounds
Blue Marlin 451
Swordfish 275
Mako Shark 277
Thrasher Shark 132
Yellowfin Tuna 145
Wahoo 98
Dorado 77
Yellowtail 36