103rd Dark of the Moon Tournament

October 31 – November 5, 2-13

Hotel Playa Del Sol – Los Barriles, Baja Sur

Despite the weather, the ending and passing of Hurricane Raymond and the brushing of Tropical Storm Sonia on Saturday and Sunday, a good experience and fishing event was had by all. This weather rewarded us with some beautiful sun rises.

Baja fishing sunrise

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Big Game Fish Guide Since 1986

East Cape, Baja Sur

Break a record! Win a free trip!

Catch must be weighed in the presence of a Fish With Me staff member.

Free trip on any Hotel Playa Del SolFish With Me event

[double occupancy, excludes Air Transportation, Boat Tips and Bait]

Current Records
Species Pounds
Blue Marlin 451
Sword Fish 275
Mako Shark 277
Thrasher Shark 132
Yellowfin Tuna 145
Wahoo 98
Dorado 77
Yellowtail 36
Shortbill Spearfish 72
Fish Count
Species Count
Marlin 2293
Sail Fish 824
Dorado 2177
Tuna 3366
92% first timers catch their first Bill-Fish.
96% of all Bill Fish are Released.

fishwithme.com ~ 11408 NE 29th Ave. Vancouver, WA ~ 360-241-6921

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Fish With Me’s 101st Tournament

Hotel Playa Del Sol – East Cape, B.C.S.
November 1-6, 2012

This Fall event was a great success and except for the last day of north winds the weather was perfect!

We fished a total of 14 cruisers and anglers averaged over 7 fish.

16 Marlin – 1 Sail Fish

20 Dorado – 56 tuna – 1 Wahoo

1  Sierra

Jumping Marlin fish

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100th Dark of the Moon Tournament

June 14-19, 2012 - Hotel Playa Del Sol

Sunrise in Baja   Playa del Sol resort

We found the weather a bit warmer for June, and the July humidity was early. All 27 Anglers and 11 Guests were happy to be back to the beautiful East Cape and Fish With Me’s favorite VanWormer resort, Playa Del Sol. Despite the G-20 affair in Cabo, we all were able to travel to and from the Cabo Airport without incident. CONTINUE READING “100th Dark of the Moon Tournament” »

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Dark of the Moon #99

A total of 21 cruisers fished over this 4 day event, catching 3 Blue Marlin 10 Stripped Marlin 15 Sailfish and 42 Dorado.

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