Dark of the Moon in June

98th Dark of the Moon, Hotel Playa Del Sol

June 2 to 7, 2011

The weather and water were perfect, and the fishing excellent–with regard to both quality and quantity. There were a few sore arms, given that the 13 Yellow-Fin tuna taken the first day totaled 774 pounds of some quality-eating fare. “SUSHI!”

A beautiful view in Baja / East Cape


Larry Cucura, Carmel, California, claimed Day #1 top non-bill honors with a 110 pound beauty. He added an 88 pounder to make sure he was the “sore arm leader.”

One of Larry Cucura's catches
One of Larry Cucura's catches

Steve Spies, Upland, California, took this nice 99 pounder on Day #1.

Steve Spies' 99 pound tuna
Steve Spies' 99 pound tuna

Day #2 non-bill honors went to John Kaeser, Seabeck, Washington, with his first Mako Shark, weighing in at 79 pounds. John also caught and released 2 Marlin and a nice Dorado on Day #2.

John Kaeser's Mako Shark catch

Brian Eckland, Battleground, Washington shows off this 45 lb. dorado, taken on day 2.

44 pound Dorado in the boat

44 lb Dorado big game fishing

Ten anglers fished on a total of 15 cruisers during this event and the totals were:

  • 22 Striped Marlin
  • 13 Yellow-Fin Tuna
  • 7 Dorado
  • 1 Mako Shark

John Kaeser’s Mako cemented his Top Angler position, and, without it, he would have finished third. He scored 519 points, as his partner, Mike Totey, Albany, Oregon, scored 475. Together they captured Top Team Monies, and Mike took the 2nd place angler trophy. John is now known as the “MAKO MAN”

Mike Totey and John Kaeser
Mike Totey and John Kaeser

Mike Totey and John Kaeser

They totaled 6 Marlin, 4 Tuna, 2 Dorado and the Mako.

Mako Shark in action

Mako Shark fighting

Third place went to Rick Corbett, Encinitas, California. Rick and his partner, Larry Cucura, were the second place team. Brad and Brian Eckland finished in third place.

Third place anglers

Baja’s VanWormer Resorts are awarding a 6 Day/5 Night fishing package to the Fish with Me angler scoring the most points on a Dark of the Moon tournament in 2011. John takes the lead with his outstanding performance in the June event and plans to surpass it on our next and last trip of the year in October.

…And he might need to do so because the top angler in October, 2010, was Ralph Rhodenbaugh with over 700 points, after having caught 4 Sail Fish, 3 Marlin, 7 Dorado and 2 nice Tuna. Good luck to all the October anglers!

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2012 dates

Safety in the Baja

For all the hype of the violence and warnings not to go to Mexico, Baja South has no drug problems or violence or shootings. In the year 2010 there was 2 homicides in the entire Baja South, a region roughly the size of Utah. This includes Cabo San Lucas, and LaPaz, a city of approximately 350,000 residents. Both homicides were domestic related.

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