Fish With Me’s 101st Tournament

Hotel Playa Del Sol – East Cape, B.C.S.
November 1-6, 2012

This Fall event was a great success and except for the last day of north winds the weather was perfect!

We fished a total of 14 cruisers and anglers averaged over 7 fish.

16 Marlin – 1 Sail Fish

20 Dorado – 56 tuna – 1 Wahoo

1  Sierra

Jumping Marlin fish

All three “Rookie Anglers” on this trip caught their first Marlin. This was a very successful year, with a total of all 10 “Rookies” catching their very first Bill Fish.

Big game fishing trip awards
Award presenters Mike Totey and Marcel Cameron

Awards and Trophies were presented by Mike Totey of Albany, Oregon and Marcel Cameron of Portland, Oregon.

Top Rookie for November 2012
Larry Schneider

Top Rookie – Larry Schneider of Livermore, California

Larry caught 2 Marlin and 2 Dorado. He also captured 2nd place angler honors.

Top Angler for November 2012
Al Hipona

Top Angler – Al Hipona of Daly City, California

Al caught 1 Marlin, 1 Sail Fish, and 10 Tuna.

2nd Place – Larry Schneider of Livermore, California

(See Larry’s photo at the top of the post.)

Top Fishing Team for November 2012
Al Hipona and Leo MaArdle

Top Team – Al Hipona and Leo MaArdle of Burlingame, California

Second place fishing team for November 2012
Roland Martines and Steve Spies

2nd Place Team – Roland Martines of Alta Loma, California and Steve Spies of Upland, California

Top non-bill fish angler for November 2012
Vic Balibrera

Top Non-Bill – Vic Balibrera of Livermore, California

2nd Place – Marcel Cameron of Portland, Oregon

[Marcel Cameron and Vic Balibrera are pictured together above.]

Top angler for 2012
Eddie Dalmau and Roland Martines

Top Angler for 2012 – Roland Martinez

The Top Angler for the year was Roland Martines who received his free trip for 2013. He was also the Top Angler in the June event.

Eddie Dalmau, General Manager for the VanWormer Resorts presented the award. Eddie also announced that a Free Trip will be awarded next year for 2014.

If we missed you this year, we hope to see you in 2013!

Jumping Marlin

Marlin fishing
Top Rookie Larry Schneider with his first Marlin
Big game adventure fishing
Rookie Ben Sims on his first Marlin

Marlin caught

Fishing for dorado mahi-mahi fish
Ben Sims and his first Dorado
Taco lure
The new TACO Lure can catch the Big One!!
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