103rd Dark of the Moon Tournament

October 31 – November 5, 2-13

Hotel Playa Del Sol – Los Barriles, Baja Sur

Despite the weather, the ending and passing of Hurricane Raymond and the brushing of Tropical Storm Sonia on Saturday and Sunday, a good experience and fishing event was had by all. This weather rewarded us with some beautiful sun rises.

Baja fishing sunrise

Fishing in Baja

A very special event was the releasing of 300+ baby turtles on Friday evening and another 200+ babies on Tues. morning just before our departure.  Prior to the protection of Turtles, we were lucky to see one on the water, let alone one laying eggs, as seen below. Check out more photos of mama and baby turtles  in our post, “Baby Turtles!”

Turtle laying eggs
Click to see photos of the baby turtles!

This will be just another reason to come to the fall event. Because of Noe and other concerned persons, I bet the turtles’ rate of return being only one out of a hundred, will increase dramatically.

Generous donations were given to support this noble effort and “Fish With Me” will be accepting and collecting  donations from anyone interested and they will be given to Noe on our next trip:

June 28 – July 2, 2014
Register here.

Fish Report

21 Anglers and 11 Guests enjoyed the usual warmth and friendliness of the hotels employees and 21 Cruisers fished on this 6 day event.

1 Blue Marlin – 1 Mako Shark

15 Striped Marlin – 6 Sail Fish

54 Dorado

Here are the lucky anglers receiving their awards, being named by Master of Ceremonies Mike Totey from Albany, Oregon and presented by Tammy Holman, Tucson, Arizona.

John & Jerri Kaeser from Seabeck, Washington treated their 4 siblings and their spouses to this 103rd Fish With Me event and what a great group this turned out to be.  As you can see, the guys were quite lucky, showing off the medals they won.

Showing off medals

Top Non Bill – Larry Schneider, Livermore, California – 32 lb. Dorado:

Larry Schneider, Livermore, California - 32 lb. Dorado

Second place was awarded to Tom Reese, Los Barriles, Baja.  Had he kept the Mako, Tom would have captured Top Non-Bill honors as well as Top Angler.  He did receive the second place Angler trophy:

Tom Reese, Los Barriles, Baja

TOP TEAM went to Dan Neidlinger, Phoenix, Arizona, and Tom Reese. They caught and released the Blue Marlin, 3 Stripped Marlin, the Mako and brought 2 Dorado to shore:

Top fishing team

SECOND PLACE TEAM: Tad Holman, Tucson, Az. & Mark McGavran, Demoines, Wa.

Second place

THIRD PLACE TEAM: Kevin Fulton, Kirkland, Wa. & Rich Kaeser, Renton, Wa.

Third place team

Top Angler honors went to Mark McGavran who caught 2 Marlin and 3 Dorado.  He also captured the Top Rookie award having caught his first Bill-Fish on this event.

Top Angler honors

David Ott, Seattle, Wa. was the Third place angler:

Third place angler

Seven Rookies entered the event and 6 managed to catch their first Marlin or Sail fish. Bill Campbell, Santa Barbara, Ca. was not that fortunate, but he did receive a Gold Reel to take home to  practice with:

Gold Reel

As we closed out the year, Dallas Powell, LaPorte, Iowa, won the free trip in 2014 awarded by the VanWormer hotels while on the June event.  He was also a Rookie Angler then and scored the most points ever by a Rookie angler, 7 Marlin, 1 Sail Fish and the first Yellow-Fin Tuna of the year in these waters — 608 Points.

Congratulations on winning a free fishing trip!
Dallas Powell and presenter Tracy Totey, Albany, Or.

19 out of 20 Rookie anglers on the last 3 events have caught their first Bill-Fish! Congratulations!

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