Baby Turtles!

A very special event was the releasing of 300+ baby turtles on Friday evening,  Nov 1 2013 at the 103rd Dark of the Moon Tournament, and another 200+ babies on Tues. morning just before our departure.  Prior to the protection of Turtles, we were lucky to see one on the water, let alone one laying eggs, as seen here. More photos below!

Turtle laying eggs

Señor Noe Araiza has taken it upon himself to gather laid eggs and bury them in a protected and fenced area and after 45 days and their hatching, releases them as seen here:

Protecting baby turtles

Protecting turtles

Baby turtles!

Baby turtles running to the sea

Baby turtles heading to their new home in the ocean

This will be just another reason to come to the fall event. Because of Noe and other concerned persons, I bet the turtles’ rate of return being only one out of a hundred, will increase dramatically.

Generous donations were given to support this noble effort and “Fish With Me” will be accepting and collecting  donations from anyone interested and they will be given to Noe on our next trip:

June 28 – July 2, 2014

Register here!

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