108th Fishing Trip

The 108th was a good one, weather and the fish count. If you missed this one, we averaged 5 fish per angler. 9 Wahoo were taken which meant 4 anglers caught their first one ever.

Mike Totey, John Kaeser, and Brad Eckland show these first three on day one.

Total Fish Count
6 Marlin – 9 Wahoo – 10 Dorado – 13 – Tuna – 2 Jack Crevalle

Mike Totey, was the presenter of Trophies and master of ceremonies.

Day 1 Top Bill – Past Top Angler – Dallas Powell – 23 lb. Wahoo

Top Non Bill – John Kaeser – 28lb Wahoo

Top Team – Brad Eckland and Melodie Eckland Threy repeated as Top Team last May, 2015

Top Angler, – 2015’s Top Angler repeating this trip – Melodie Eckland with a total of 224 total points.

We sadly lost Brian Eckland last December and one purpose of this Tournament was to spread his ashes in the Sea of Cortez. Brad and Melodie Eckland brought a bio-degradable turtle

which we took about 3 miles off shore and they launched:

After it settled into the water, the Captian turned around and we started back to shore. We did not go more than 200 yards when a Marlin started jumping near the boat

It was so surreal, as we seldom see a jumping Marlin this close to shore. The marlin continued to jump

The Captian turned towards it and the deckhand tossed a bait and we hooked it up. Mike Totey brought it to the boat and Brad and Melodie and Mike held the fish before releasing it back in the water

We all thought of the Marlin as Brian wishing us well and saying goodbye.

We hope to see everyone on the October trip – October 27 to November 1.

Bonus – Escape a whole week of this year’s political madness.

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