109th Fishing Tournament

The 109th tournament was a good trip and sorry if we missed you. We experienced some warm days at the start, but the last 2 days were perfect. The sun-ups were very nice, despite hardly any cloud cover.

sunrise baja fishing

The water conditions, both days of the tournament were nice and smooth. The waters were very warm. One of the skippers reported a reading of 86. These unseasonal temps made the Stipe Marlin still in the cooler Pacific waters, getting ready to move into the Sea of Cortez.

The awards were presented by Mike Totey, Albany, Oregon and Karin Abbott-Hall, Vancouver, Wa.

3rd place team in fishing tournament
3rd Place Team – Don & Judy Thompson – Vancouver, Wa. David Thompson – Boise, Id.
2nd place team fishing tournament
2nd Place Team – Manny & Mike Marin – El Cajon, Ca.
top team #1 fishing tournament 2016
Top Team – Leslie Angelo, Somerset, Ca. & Mike Sheridan Shelton Newark, England
  • 3rd Place Angler – Michael Marin – 184 Points
  • 2nd Place Angler – Manny Marin – 220 Points
  • Top Angler – Mike Sheridan – 404 Points
top non-bill angler fishing tournament 2016
Top Non Bill – Michael Marin

For the first time in several years, the same angler took both days. Day 1 with a 23 lb. Yellowfin Tuna and Day 2 with a 56-pound fish.

Melodie Eckland, Hillsboro, Oregon won the 108th tournament with 244 points this year and was last year’s Top Angler. Mike Sheridan with his 404 points is the Top Angler for 2016 and will receive a free room in 2017.

top rookie anglers fishing tournament 2016 october november
Top Rookies – David Thompson & Judy Thompson

We had 2 first times this trip and both of them caught their first Billfish. This brings our first-time record to 29 of the last 31 Rookies have now caught their first.

We will be sending out 2017 dates and information about a new reduced room rate and limited meal plan that will be offered. Have a great holiday season and the best fishing always.

hemingway fishing
We had our own Hemingway Look Alike Contest. Who won?
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